Monday, May 21, 2007

The Joys of My Home Town

My friend Brandon sent me this via email today, in response to reading this blog. It (almost) makes me miss home!

While you've gone vacationing in Europe (pshhhh!), I've one-upped you and come to an exotic little place called "Wisconsin."

While on vacation, I've seen a lot of things. Let me run down the list things that I've done and the things that I've still got planned for my stay here:

Things Seen/Done:

1. Got a $4.00 breakfast with my grandparents (wtf??, $4.00??)
2. Went to Weber's Meats (delicious.....)
3. Ate these things called "Cheese Curds" (unstoppable!)
4. Went to Doolittle's, walked out smelling like an ashtray
5. Went to the Morel Mushroom Festival in Muscoda
6. Saw the beginning of a tractor pull (still trying to figure out why ESPN wasn't there to cover it)
7. Went to a flea market, noticed that a guy was selling his entire Playboy collection, elegantly placed in Bud Light Cases so that they are easier to organize/carry
8. Went fishing with Pops

Probable Happenings:

1. Probably going to get drug to the shitty platteville bars
2. Going to get guilted into going to church tomorrow so that Grandma and Grandpa don't think that I don't believe in God
3. Probably going to do some trap shoot with my cousin
4. Probably will end up going to Madison to see Ashley
5. Going to go to Cole Acres for some golf
6. Going to go to the "city" of Dubuque

Ah, home, sweet home!

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