Monday, May 28, 2007

The Milan Hostel - Not a happy camper

Here's a list of complaints I have about my hostel here, just so I can organize my thoughts when I fill out the comment card they gave me at check-in:

1. Check-in took forever! I've never seen anything less efficient in my life! Snails move faster.
2. No toilet seats!!! What's the point of upgrading from the hole in the ground if you still can't sit down fully when you pee!
3. No kitchen! I've never stayed in a hostel without a full kitchen! How much can you really accomplish with a microwave - but no sink or fridge?
4. No electrical outlets in the room. Should I really charge my camera and Ipod in the hallway?
5. The door to my room (which I share with 5 others) creaks and squeaks really loudly. I have a bottle of olive oil, I'm debating dumping some on the hinges. What is really nice is when people come into the room when you're just asleep.
6. Far from the city.
7. The lockers outside the rooms bang when you shut them so no one gets anly sleep until everyone is in bed.
8. The shower drain is clogged.
9. The shower is cold.

Thank goodness it's only two nights (although I haven't survived the second one yet).

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