Tuesday, May 22, 2007

London, Days 4&5

Yesterday I went to the fabulous Tate Modern, the modern art museum of London. It had works from many of my favorite artists....Picasso, Warhol, Matisse, and more. I really enjoyed wondering around the museum enjoying the art. I also did a bit of grocery shopping and updated the blog....did you notice I added three posts!?

Today I toured the Tower of London in the morning. It's a bit chilly here, which is unfortunate because I didn't pack for bad weather. Who thinks about sensible clothing when they're going to an island tomorrow! The Tower of London is located right on the Thames and is famous for being a fortress, a palace, and a prison. It is the place where many famous people were executed from 1000-1600.

A replica of the torture rack:

A little more torture:
Legend has it if the ravens leave the Tower (there are six, and they are named) the Crown and England will fall. We were warned - they bite!

If I only had a twist of lime and some tonic with my Beefeater!

The Tower of London is also the home of the Crown Jewels. I can't even believe how beautiful they are. They took my breath away!

On the way back to Dan's I caught the bridge going up!

I met Dan for sushi! After eating it two or three times a week at home, I was craving it, so it definitely hit the spot. After lunch I went to the British Museum - a lot like the Smithsonian as far as scope and quality of works. The difference is, many of the pieces are not behind glass and you are allowed to photograph everything! There aren't even metal detectors to get in the museum...and it's free!

The Rosetta Stone! Holy crap!

A stoneware figure from the Ming Dynasty. The figure of a judge's assistant is holding records of evil deeds under his left arm.

Think I've become a history buff? Just kidding! I also took a picture of the caption so I could share the story!

Probably the best part of the day, and one of the highlights of the trip was catching a play at the replica of the Globe Theatre. The show, En Extremis, was a play written just for the theatre. It's the story of two lovers who struggle with the religious views of the time and try to make religion more accessible for the masses. I bought a very cheap ticket (10 pounds) but got the best seat in the house! I was in the front row center of the first level. The play was great...very modern with a lot of activity. One memorable line was said by the Mother Abbess: "There will be no more f*ing in the trees!" Like I said, this was a modern version of Shakespeare. The show was amazing.

On the way back to Dan's I once again caught Tower Bridge rising:

Quickly though, everything returned to normal:
Tomorrow afternoon I catch a flight to Ibiza! I can't wait to do nothing but sleep, lay in the sun, and sleep while laying in the sun! It's going to be spectacular!

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