Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Change of Plans

My plan for the next part of the trip was to stop in Bologna to see my friend, Andrea, who lives there. Unfortunately, I got an email yesterday for him saying he was called out of town for work and couldn’t host me after all. I immediately went into panic mode and tried to reroute myself to Florence and find accommodations there. I wasn’t able to find anything on short notice, so I was very stressed out (can you imagine that?) Fortunately, he called this morning saying a friend of his could keep me for a few days and show me the city. I thought everything was fine, but then I got an email from him tonight saying his friend couldn’t keep me after all! He then gave me a number of another friend in Rome who would let me stay at his place on Thursday and Friday until my hostel reservations start Sat-Tues. Now, I’m headed on the train to Rome three days early, to stay with a guy I’ve never met, in a city I’ve never been to. So much for a relaxing weekend on the beach! Hopefully everything works out, it’ll be nice to have an insider perspective on Rome.

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