Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rome, Day 17

Today I had quite an adventure! I spent the morning wandering the city as usual. I saw the Pantheon, and quite a few of the Piazza's all over Rome. I tried the best gelati in Rome, as recommended by Frederico....a place that actually shares his last name: Gellateria Palma. There were so many selections to chose from and the few I tried were fantastic!

The Pantheon:

The Spanish Steps:

Gelateria Palma:I decided to spend a bit of the afternoon reading and people watching in front of the Pantheon. I was buried in my book when I was approached by a guy who told me he had taken my photo and that it had turned out really nicely. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive at first, but he turned out to be a really nice, interesting guy. He was American and we chatted for a bit and he agreed to send me the photo. We ended up walking to a fountain that we both wanted to see and he took a few more photos. They turned out very nicely, it was a coincidence to end all, and I felt quite fabulous having a mini "photo shoot" in front of the Trevi Fountain! He's in town on business, he's a very successful artist who also helps with acquisitions for the Guggenheim collection in New York.

The Pantheon:

He's going to be in Florence on Monday and he's invited me to come for the day and see the city with him. I'm thinking about doing it because I have a few days of travel on my Eurail Pass that I haven't used thanks to the Bologna mix-up.

Marco, Frederico's brother, came home from a business conference today, so I got to meet him and his girlfriend. The three of us met some of his friends out for pizza and what is said to be the best pizza place in Rome. It took forever to get our pizza, but it was worth the wait. The pizza is even thinner than Venice and equally delicious.

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