Friday, December 26, 2008

A Guatemalan Adventure!

Eva and I are off on our next bout of traveling in....six hours or so! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to do the ol' blog update! This time we'll both be spending our first time in Central Guatemala!!!

We don't really have a set itinerary, however we do know we'll be:
  • Landing in Guatemala City tomorrow night
  • Catching a flight to Flores in the morning to spend a few days seeing the Mayan ruins of Tikal
  • Celebrating the New Year in the beautiful city of Antigua
  • Checking out the beach and a turtle reservation in Monterrico
  • Exploring the deepest lake in Central America, Lake Atitlán and the cities that surround it
  • And whatever else we can fit in in the two weeks that Eva will be there!
After Eva leaves, I'll be staying in Lake Atitlán in the city of Santiago Atitlán where my friend Erich will be flying down and joining me for some volunteering/learning time in a local clinic, Hospitalito Atitlán.

In addition to learning about healthcare in Guatemala and helping out wherever we can, Erich and I also hope to rent mountain bikes, do a lot of trail running, and of course some hiking of the volcanoes that surround the clinic.

I'll be back in the States just in time for class on January 17th!

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