Saturday, December 29, 2007

We've Arrived!

Everything went smoothly, Eva, Ariane, and I are all safely in Dubai! We got picked up at the airport by Ariane's friends, and whisked away to the flat we'll be staying in in Bur Dubai.

The flights weren't bad, I actually ended up sleeping more than I expected. The most exciting thing that happened was when we opened our necessities package in our plane seat on British Airlines. We got a sleep mask, socks, headphones, and.......this:

After a bit of discussion, I was convinced it was a feminine product, but Eva argued that it was a flashlight, due to what seemed to be a twisty thing on the end. Can you guess who was right?

It actually turned out to be a toothbrush! Who knew? Much more practical than either of our guesses!
That's all for now, it's 10 hours ahead of Wisconsin time here, which makes it almost 3 am. We're headed to bed and have big plans to enjoy all that Dubai has to offer in the next few days!

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